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Modular Fidget Spinner

Posted 10h 4m ago

Machined aluminium with decent tolerances. 3 of each model....

Custom Machined Parts


Posted 3d 12h ago

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Custom Machined Parts

Machining-4U is a specialised online marketplace connecting buyers and machinists. By dealing directly with a machinist, you can pay the lowest prices available by avoiding the sizeable markup charged by larger CNC manufacturing companies.

No longer do you need to browse numerous sites to find the best prices for CNC machined parts. Simply post a free listing on Machining-4U, and wait for the affordable quotes to come in. When you find a price you are happy with, a machinist will get started on making your custom machined part.

With so many machinists working for us, we can take on any requirement you may have, whether it's with aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass or plastic. Some of our CNC machining capabilities include CNC milling, CNC routing and CNC cutting.

CNC mills are the most commonly used CNC machines, and their core functions include drilling and turning metals. Routers are highly automated machines capable of cutting complex shapes and prototypes. CNC plasma cutting works in a similar way to CNC routing, but it requires a less-powerful setup. CNC turning, performed with a CNC lathe, involves the application of a cutting tool to a rotating metal object to shape it.

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"CNC Machining One Part Only"

I finally found the solution to all my machined part needs! The workshop on the corner was not really interested in my ideas, but on machining-4u I got two offers right away! My chosen machinist delivered the parts in just a week and I was thrilled. I was able to inspect the delivered parts before my payment was processed which gave me the confidence to do my first online order on the site.


John Osborn

"CNC Machined Parts Online"

A great new online machining service for anyone who needs to find affordable, CNC machined parts. I posted my blueprints for the aluminium and steel parts that I designed, chose a machinist from a list of proposals and one week later my CNC parts are ready to be installed! It was so easy to turn my plans into a reality!

Robert Walker

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Satisfied with the work (except for a small detail: some countersinks are not perfectly centered on the holes but it does not prevent the pieces from being mounted => 4 stars on the quality)
The deadlines are respected and I appreciated the effective communication (sending photos of finished machinings)
I recommend

— filbo


I am pleased with my exhibits, however I regret that the deadline has not been met. L packaging not being appropriate a piece has been slightly deformed, without gravity I will straighten it. If necessary I will order again but I wish a better communication from the factory.

— maraudeur


In accordance with

— charlybca

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