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Aluminium Motorcycle Clutch Basket Ring (decorative)

Aluminium Motorcycle Clutch Basket Ring (decorative)

Part machined by T120 Machining for £60

Received and Approved by mannyroad on 13/11/2018

Aluminium Motorcycle Clutch Basket Ring (decorative)


Previously posted job - awarded machinist mis-quoted. I need a one-off part making for a motorcycle clutch basket. It has no function other than decorative and would need to be made from 10 thick 6061 or 6082 aluminium sheet. It has six evenly spaced radial holes that match existing fixing positions on the clutch basket. The attached drawing / .stp file details my requirements. One part only.

Added 07/11/2018 23:53

Description missing: Clutch basket ring (decorative only)

Other: Finished suitable for mirror polishing

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