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CNC Lathe - Hose Barb on Tube

CNC Lathe - Hose Barb on Tube

Part machined by South Coast Precision for £60

Received and Approved by brad.davis on 07/12/2018


I need 12 parts with this feature to be turned on the end of 10mm OD x 6mm ID Polycarbonate tubing. Material will be supplied pre-cut in two lengths (295mm and 190mm), same feature to be turned on 6 of each length. CAM toolpaths already created in Fusion 360 if of use, can supply drawing if required but in the interest of time would rather just work from STEP. General tolerance of +/- 0.2mm, as machined surface finish. Sample part will be supplied as reference. Would prefer material to be held in a collet to prevent marring of surface. Would like delivery by 7th December.

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