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Custom car components

Custom car components

Part machined by CNCelos for £180

Received and Approved by Jwardcustoms on 02/10/2020

Custom car components


We have a need to machine some components for custom built cars. No certification is required for our purpose. Items from 6061 1-off each required initially

Added 17/09/2020 18:56

NOTE: please use the ‘finalver’ step files loaded with this comment.

Changes: fillets used rather than chamfers on ‘top plate’, top plate reduced in thickness (due to functional requirement), ‘back plate’ increased in width, 4 through holes on back plate have added counter sinks.

General notes on drawings: My drawing package can’t do threaded holes; the 4 blind holes on the back of the top plate (2.1mm radius) have been sized to be tapped M5, and the 4 through holes on the edges of the back plate (3.4mm radius) have been sized to be tapped M8. I’m happy to tap the end product but if this could be done at machining it would be a bonus

Added 17/09/2020 18:58

Correction: I meant chamfers have been used rather than fillets

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