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Modular Light-Sabre Parts - Pommel

Modular Light-Sabre Parts - Pommel

Part machined by SICD for £45

Received and Approved by Prophet on 07/02/2019


I'm looking to design modular light-sabre hilts (for electronics to be fitted they are hollow). Each hilt is comprised of four parts and each part has four variations. So will be looking for 16 different parts in total. This is the first one to gauge price. I'll be looking to get them done in batches and will probably need 10 of each design to get started (so 160 parts for the first main order once all designs are finalised). However I'd like a prototype made first - They are to be made in aluminium with a polished finish - Each part will either have male or female threads, marked in green - The threads can be any pitch, as long as all the parts fit together - Tolerances are required to be to the nearest 1mm (.5 ideally) Hopefully that all makes sense

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