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Simple lathe-turned part

Simple lathe-turned part

Part machined by Dommio for £24

Received and Approved by Jlavery31 on 09/08/2019

Simple lathe-turned part


I’m after two simple parts to be turned on a lathe. One is a hollow housing for a small cylindrical camera (80mm long and around 12mm dia) with a thread on one end to accept a standard cable gland, and a recess on the other end to accept a clear disk on the face for the “lens end” of the camera. We will epoxy fill the housing to ensure water proofing is maintained. The housing should be black, and ideally pvc or abs but PE or black acrylic would also be fine. The other part is almost identical, with the addition of a thread (detail to be discussed) on the outside too. We can send you the parts so that exact calliper measurements can be taken. Once we are happy with the prototypes we would like to make an initial order of ten each. Thanks in advance Joe

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