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Stainless-Steel Lead-Screws Cutting & Machining

Stainless-Steel Lead-Screws Cutting & Machining


Quantity: 3 units (these will be provided by me) Material: Stainless-Steel (Rolled) Dimensions: Diameter: 10.0mm, Length: 720mm each Job Description: There are 3 x high-helix lead-screws (Igus DST-LS-10X25-R-ES, - see picture below for illustration). The 3 lead-screws need to be: (1) first, cut down to an exact length of 503mm (2) and then have a 6.0mm diameter smooth step machined at each end: - one step 10mm long - and the other 26mm long (see attached drawing below). Tolerances: 0.1mm minimum (but lower tolerance might also be considered) Finish: Deburring (or chamfering) of stepped-edges (marked in blue in the second attached drawing). Important note: it is crucial to keep the lead-screws straight, that is, to avoid bending of any kind, during the cutting and/or machining process. Delivery: London, UK Lead-time: 2 weeks max would be great

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