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Turntable motor 50Hz converter

Turntable motor 50Hz converter
  • Posted 14-Mar,2021
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Part machined by abc custom for £69

Received and Approved by crkm51 on 19/03/2021


Hi, My first request so please bear with me Stainless steel, deburred. 3 stacked concentric cylinders, machined from single piece of stainless, top dia 13.36mm (+-0.05mm), ht,6.9mm middle dia 12.2mm, ht 5.1mm, with #4-40 set screw centred in middle of cylinder bottom dia 7.8mm, ht 3.2mm hole running through all cylinders for a slide fit onto a dia 5.39mm spindle tolerance for top cylinder dia +-0.05mm 1 required

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