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Wooden cigar holders, 9 separate piecesWooden cigar holders, 9 separate pieces

Wooden cigar holders, 9 separate pieces


As a student I like to smoke an occasional cigar after passing a difficult exam. However the -20 C winters here mean the nicotine will burn your lips into oblivion. So I bought a cigar holder with a 9 mm coal filter, and I'm happy with it. The mouth piece comes out, it is held in place with friction. I'd like to use that mouth piece and just add cigar holders to fit all cigar sizes. As a student I can't afford the big "aficionado collections", so I'm exploring cigars one at a time. That's why I would like a set of cigar- and cigarillo holders to fit all possible cigars and cigarillos as I explore the this world. Can you help me? I'm looking to make a set of custom cigar holders made from wood. Preferably rosewood, birch, briar or oak. NOT fir. The set will consist of one universal mouthpiece made by another manufacturer. I will mail it to you so you can take the exact measurements. The moutpiece has a 9 mm diameter male friction fitting. Each cigar holder will be trumpet/bowl shaped. Each will fit the mouthpiece, but the 9 mm hole will extend deeper into the cigar holder so that a 9 mm filter fits snugly. The cigar holder itself will be shaped like a trumpet or a wine glass, with a narrow section (filter section). After 10 mm it will start getting wider, to finally be shaped like a wine glass. From the other end, a cigar should fit. To fit the cigar snugly, the inside will be a cone. The wide end of the cone will be 2 mm wider than the narrower end of the cone. At the narrow end of the cone, an arbitrary hemisphere is made. This is of course because the cigar is cut there and shape has little meaning. From the cigar holding cone to the filter, a hole is drilled ~7mm diameter. The sizes I want is: A: Diameter 11 mm to 9 mm Cigar cone length: 12 mm B: Diameter 12 mm to 10 mm Cigar cone length 14 mm C: Diameter: 14 mm to 12 mm Cigar cone length: 16 mm D: Diameter: 16 mm to 14 mm Cigar cone length: 18 mm E: Diameter: 18 mm to 16 mm Cigar cone length: 20 mm F: Diameter: 20 mm to 18 mm Cigar cone length: 22 mm G: Diameter: 22 mm to 20 mm Cigar cone length: 24 mm H: Diameter: 24 mm to 22 mm Cigar cone length: 26 mm I: Diameter: 26 mm to 24 mm Cigar cone length: 28 mm As for the outside shape, I trust your discretion but would like an hourglass-like appearance. Since this depends more on the wood you use and the tools you use, I can make a 3d image of what I would like but in the end I trust your discretion. I wrote that twice to emphasise that this will be your creation. Remember that the walls must be at least 3 mm thick if you use oak or burley, 4-5 mm if you use pear, rose or birch. Can you do this, and can you give me an approximate price range? Email:

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