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fully keyed steel shafts

fully keyed steel shafts
  • Posted 7-Apr,2020
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4 of 10mm x 200mm (but see below for other sizes) any steel. if it is shiny polished and/or hardened and/or stainless - would be nice and better, but not absolutely necessary. for standard 3x3 key or the equivalent imperial size (see below). if you have a ready made shafts of 10mm or 3/8" diameter and lengths of anything between 130 to 260mm (5" -- 10") and it is much cheaper - i will consider that. this is for a hobby project (a motor of a sort) which is at its drawing board stage, so i can adjust other sizes appropriately at this point. 4 pieces minimum, i can buy up to 10. when you give a quote please indicate what size/material/quantity you offer.

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