FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Machinist)

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How can I post an offer?

Can I give my contact details?

What should I do once my offer has been accepted?

What are Machining-4u's fees?

What if my client does not release the funds after delivery?

What type of shipment should I use for delivering the order?

When do I send an invoice?

Who can register as a Machinist?

What contact information am I not allowed to give out?

How can I post an offer?

To post an offer, you must first register on the site as a Machinist. Once registered, complete your profile page with a description of your services, a photo or a logo representing you and pictures of your machines or achievements. To boost the chances of receiving an order, an attractive profile is essential to let your customers know who you are.

To post an offer for a request, fill the bidding panel on the right side of the machining request page.

If you need additional information before making an offer, you can send a message to the client. Your message will be posted on the page, and the person who made the machining request will be notified by email.

Can I give my contact details?

Machining-4u has a very clear policy that prohibits the display of all contact information on the website (including any email address, phone numbers, a personal website, and so on). Moreover, it is not permitted to post messages that directly or indirectly encourage a user to give their contact information, or respond to the request of a user by publishing contact data.

The coordinates can be exchanged between a buyer and a user once the order is placed by the buyer.

Any abuse of this policy will result in the suspension or deletion of your account.

What should I do once my offer has been accepted?

When a client has selected your offer, he is asked to pay the offer amount on a Machining-4u secure account. As long as the amount hasn't been paid, the order is not yet completed, so it is too early to begin the work.

Once the amount is paid, you'll be notified by email.

What are the Machining-4u fees?

There is no registration fee or subscription on Machining-4u. Making offers is completely free. We charge a commission only when you get paid by your customer. Thus, we’re paid only when you’re paid. Our success depends on your success.

The commission is 14.9% and allows, among other things, to cover bank charges, IT costs and promotional expenses that bring new customers to the site.

What if my client does not release the funds after delivery?

Wait a few days to make sure your customer has received the parts. The customer has seven days from reception to release the funds into your account. In the absence of a reaction from your customer, you can use the "Request to release the funds" button to ask your client to release the funds.

If after 7 days your client hasn’t released the funds to your account and has not responded to your requests, please send a message to admin@machining-4u.co.uk. We will contact your client, and if the client does not respond to our requests or provides no valid reason to us, then we will trigger the transfer of the funds to your account.

We strongly encourage you to be attentive to customers, respond quickly to their questions in case of delivery or quality issues.

We encourage you to always seek a solution to any problem occurring with a customer, and do your best to find a compromise that satisfies both sides.

In case of a dispute, and if you’re unable to reach a compromise with your client, please contact us on admin@machining-4u.co.uk.

Since its launch in June 2014 and after more than 1,000 orders delivered, only a few disputes have arisen on Machining-4u. We thank all Machinists for their professionalism and the quality of their work.

What type of shipment should I use for delivering the order?

Machining-4u requires you to use a shipment with a tracking service.

We recommend that you communicate systematically to your client the tracking number of the package and the shipment date. Customers always appreciate a photo of documents sent via the Machining-4u mailbox. We recommend taking great care of the packaging material. Besides protecting the parts, good packaging is often appreciated by clients and positively influences the final evaluation.

When do I send an invoice?

Per regulations, a bill must be sent to any individual expressing demand.

An invoice must be systematically sent when your customer is a business or business owner. The company status is visible by the green (P) at the right of your client's name.

Who can sign up as a Machinist?

Only registered professionals can send offers and take orders.

What contact information am I not allowed to give out?

Any exchange of contact information between buyers and Machinists is prohibited on Machining-4u before the project funding. It is forbidden to communicate in particular the following:

  • Email Address
  • Website URL.
  • Phone numbers.
  • All other contact details.
  • Any message asking to disclose contact information.