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What will happen after I've selected a Machinist's offer?

Once you've selected an offer, you can order by paying the amount required on Machining-4u's secured account. The price indicated in the offer is the total price. There will be no additional fees or charges. Shipping fees are included in the price.

The funds you have paid will be transferred to the Machinist once you've received and inspected the machined parts.

Once an offer is selected, you will not be able to change the price of the offer. If you need to change the content of your offer, such as the quantity or the material desired, ask the Machinist to update his bid price before you select his offer.

How much will my machined parts cost?

The total cost will be the price of the offer you selected. There are no additional fees or charges. Shipping fees are included in the price.
How do I add a file or a comment to my request?

1. Log on to the site with your password.
2. Click on "Add a Comment" and then add text and/or files. The Machinists who made an offer will be notified by email that your request has been updated.

How do I pay and where do I buy the parts?

On Machining-4u, buyers buy the custom parts from their Machinist. Machining-4u is used as a matchmaking service and does not sell machine parts itself.

To order, the buyer pays the amount of the offer on the Machining-4u secure account. After obtaining the receipt and inspecting the parts, the buyer releases the funds with a simple click and the Machinist gets paid. This allows:

  • The buyer not to take any risk in paying for unfit machine parts.

  • The Machinist is sure to be paid for quality work.

Who sends me the invoice, the Machinist, or Machining-4u?

The Machinist needs to send you the invoice. You buy the parts from your Machinist. Machining-4u is a matchmaking service and does not provide any parts itself.

What are the means of payment?

Payments are made by classic means: credit card, Visa, Paypal and MasterCard. Customized solutions are available for companies (contact us on

What criteria should I consider to select an offer?

To select an offer, consider the price, delivery time and the information available to you about the machinist.The information comes in the feedback received, the number of completed orders, and their profile page.

I selected an offer, but now I want to change my request. How can I update the price?

Once you've selected an offer, your Machinist will not be able to change the price of this offer. Post a new request and notify your Machinist with a message to invite him to post a new offer.

I want to cancel my request. How can I do it?

Add a comment to your request by clicking on "Add a Comment" to say that you cancel it.

The Machinists who have made an offer will be notified by email.

Thank you !

What happens if I'm not satisfied with a part?

We invite you to first contact your Machinist and explain what is wrong. The Machinists are very attentive to their customers' satisfaction and your Machinist will certainly try to propose you a solution that will satisfy you.

If the part does not comply with the blueprint and the description you provided in your request, you are not required to pay the Machinist. The funds you've deposited with the order will be returned to you at your request. (Contact us at

What's happens if there is any dispute?

A dispute may occur if you don't agree with the Machinist on the quality of the service provided, or if the order isn't shipped on time.

In case of a breach by the Machinist to the quality of the service or product received, or if the Machinist has missed any deadlines, the money paid when you ordered will be returned without any fee.

In case of a dispute, Machining-4u will provide arbitration based on all written content available, such as the job description, the blueprints provided, and messages on the site mailbox. 

Machining-4u may need to ask to examine the machined parts.

Machining-4u will always encourage the two sides to find a compromise, and in the absence of an agreement, Machining-4u will be entitled to make the decision on the amount to be transferred to one or both sides.

If one of the two sides don't answer to any request, 15 days after being requested by Machining-4u, the funds will be transferred to the other side.

Since the launch of Machining-4u, only a few disputes were recorded. We invite you to review the evaluations received by the Machinists, which reach an average of 4.8 out of 5.


For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on We'll be happy to help.